Java download page still pointing to Java 8

Victor Williams Stafusa da Silva victorwssilva at
Sun Nov 17 20:40:29 UTC 2019

Hi. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask for this, but I'll try
anyway, since I couldn't find a better one.

I know about some people who thinks that Java 8 is the latest version. Most
of those are either very newbies or people locked inside legacy-driven
company that are afraid of updating anything and aren't tuned into hearing
anything out of their own echo chambers. Also, unfortunately, I don't think
that they are a small set of people.

Anyway, I was curious of why those people thinks that there was nothing new
since Java 8 and asked a few of them. The answer was very simple: Just type
"download java" at Google and the first result will point to this page:

Or, in my locale, to this one:

That page offers Java 8 to be download and gives no hint whatsoever that we
are already at 13 and going to 14. This induces many people to download
Java 8 thinking that it is the latest version and the site's UI highly
induces people to download Java 8. In fact, navigating a few links on the
left side panel, I could even find a link to download Java 7, but no single
mention to anything newer than Java 8.

So, could I humbly ask that this page to be updated to either replace the
ancient Java 8 with Java 13 or at least add a very noticeable link
somewhere inviting the user to try Java 13 and warn that Java 8 is old?

Also, a similar problem happens when you type "download jre" or "download
jdk" on Google. You will be directed to pages that invite you to download
Java 8 without any mention that there are newer stuff around.

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