Re: New candidate JEP: 369: Migrate to GitHub – Mercurial extensions porting to Python 3

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Tue Nov 19 09:35:19 UTC 2019

On 18.11.2019 15:37, František Kučera wrote:
> Dne 18. 11. 19 v 14:17 Dalibor Topic napsal(a):
>> On 18.11.2019 14:13, František Kučera wrote:
>>> Dne 18. 11. 19 v 12:15 Dalibor Topic napsal(a):
>>>> Many 3rd party extensions have not yet been ported to work with >
>>>> Python 3.
>>> Does OpenJDK use any such non-core/third-party extensions?
>> Yes. See for some of them.
> If I understand it correctly, there are two third-party extensions in
> use (defpath and trees) + one hook (jcheck). All developed by Oracle.
> Does Oracle have a plan for porting these Mercurial extensions to Python
> 3? What is the current status?

They work on Mercurial on Python 2.

Until Mercurial supports Python 3, porting them is rather moot, though, 
as extensions tend to have to interact fairly closely with Mercurial 
itself, so afaik you can't run Mercurial on Python 2 while running its 
extensions on Python 3.

Of course, you're welcome to send in Python-3-porting patches for review 
on the corresponding code-tools mailing lists, in any case.

> n.b. Python 2 sunset was announced in 2008 (and in 2014 the sunset was
> postponed from 2015 to 2020) which is long ago before current
> discussions/JEPs.

Yes, as you can see from the blog post I linked earlier in the thread, 
the focus of Mercurial developers at the time was on supporting Python 2.4.

For example, if you look at you can 
observe that Mercurial developers only really started to work on Python 
3 support after Python 2 sunset was postponed, with the majority of that 
work just happening in the last two years.

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