openjdk riscv64 port

wangyadong (E) at
Sat Dec 26 09:03:58 UTC 2020

Hi, ALL,

  We have implemented a riscv port of OpenJDK11u, to be precise, RV64G(IMAFD), with a template interpreter and C1/C2 backend. And so far, most of jtreg tests and SpecJVM2008 have passed on qemu riscv64 and the Hifive unleashed board.
The code repo locates in or you can find it in the riscv software list of
In the meantime, we are also developing a riscv port of the jdk-master version. Is the community interested in this? We hope very much to create a OpenJDK riscv-port project and make it stable before upstreaming.

Yadong Wang
Compilers & Programming Languages Lab
Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd.

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