Call for Discussion: New Project: Leyden

Mike Hearn mike at
Thu Jun 4 10:57:22 UTC 2020

Not a problem! It's very interesting to learn that Quarkus was conceived
independently of native-image.

Agree there's a lot of abuse of dynamic features in the Java ecosystem.
Much seems to be driven by lack of familiarity with annotation processors.
The reflection APIs are well understood and widely used so everyone knows
them, they're language independent, using ASM to generate some bytecode
isn't that hard and then classloaders are right there, waiting to be used.
There are way fewer examples of how to write an annotation processor out
there, especially if you want to support Java, Kotlin, Scala etc all
together. Some good tutorials and a framework or two would help a lot.

As for systems that make everything a plugin, well … from a usability
perspective alone I'd like to see the back of that trend. Having to Google
for the latest version of the plugin that checks for the latest versions of
the plugins has been a lowlight.

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