OpenJDK Governing Board 2020 Election: Nominations Please

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Thu Mar 12 20:47:58 UTC 2020

2020/3/6 14:25:37 -0800, mark.reinhold at
> 2020/3/6 0:45:43 -0800, Andrew Hughes <gnu.andrew at>:
>> Is it possible to make the start of voting a week later?
>> Given this announcement was not made until late on the 2nd of March
>> (19:30 GMT), and nomination to the OpenJDK members group needs a two
>> week voting period, this makes it nearly impossible for someone seeing
>> this announcement to become a member prior to the start of voting.
> I’ve asked the Governing Board to approve a motion to delay the start
> of the At-Large voting period by one week:

The Governing Board has approved the motion:

The 2020 Governing Board Election will begin on Tuesday, 24 March.

- Mark

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