CFV: New Project: Wakefield

Martin Balao mbalao at
Wed Aug 11 18:43:29 UTC 2021

Vote: Yes

On Wed, Aug 11, 2021 at 12:45 PM Philip Race <philip.race at> wrote:
> I hereby propose the creation of the Wakefield Project to implement
> support in JDK for the Wayland [1] display server for Linux with Phil
> Race as the lead and the Client Libraries Group as the sponsoring Group.
> Background and Motivation:
> As previously noted in the well received Call for Discussion [2], the
> Linux community has been working on a complete replacement for the
> 1980's era X11 desktop display server protocol  with new protocols and
> libraries that support client-side rendering and a compositing desktop
> windowing system.
> This is now the default desktop server technology on several Linux
> distros, including RHEL 8, OL 8, and Ubuntu 21.04, and some day may be
> the only display server, with X11 applications supported only via a
> compatibility mode, in which certain critical Java SE desktop APIs as
> implemented for X11 will not function completely and therefore will not
> be TCK compliant.
> The Wakefield Project will pursue two goals:
> - a short to medium term solution for JDK running on Wayland in X11
> compatibility mode
> - a medium to long term solution for JDK running as a native Wayland
> client.
> The latter is the main goal but is significantly more work and will take
> years to fully complete and deliver, hence the need for the short term
> goal too.
> In due course, one or more JEPs will be submitted based on work from
> this Project.
> The proposed Project lead, Phil Race is the lead of the Client Libraries
> Group [3] and the Lanai Project [4] and has worked on the JDK client
> technologies for many years.
> Proposed Initial committers include
> Phil Race (prr)
> Alexander Zvegintsev (azvegint)
> Alexander Zuev (kizune)
> Sergey Bylokhov (serb)
> Kevin Rushforth (kcr)
> Pankaj Bansal (pbansal)
> Alexey Ushakov (avu)
> Dmitry Batrak (dbatrak)
> Maxim Kartashev maxim.kartashev at
> <mailto:maxim.kartashev at>
> Nikita Gubarkov nikita.gubarkov at
> <mailto:nikita.gubarkov at>
> Mario Torre (neugens)
> Roman Kennke (rkennke)
> Zdenek Zambersky <zzambers at>
> A complete list will be provided to the registrar on the successful
> conclusion of this CFV.
> Votes are due by 5pm PDT on Wednesday August 25th 2021.
> Only current OpenJDK Members [5] are eligible to vote on this motion.
> Votes must be cast in the open on the discuss list.
> Replying to this message is sufficient if your mail program honors the
> Reply-To header.
> For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [6].
> -Phil Race.
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]
> [5]
> [6]

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