Introduce Myself - Sachith Dickwella

Sachith Dickwella sachith_prasanna at
Wed Dec 15 08:34:55 UTC 2021


I’m Sachith Dickwella from Sri Lanka and currently I’m working for DHL IT Services Malaysia as a Senior Java Developer. I have little more than 10 years of development experience in Java alone and have industrially worked with Java 6 – 11 and personally on Java 17 as well.

I first came into Java development with Java 6 back in 2009 with only very cluttered knowledge about programing with VB.NET �� (not even remember which version now). Ever since I work as a Java developer and following every Java major and minor update for new changes to implement in my programing. Even though the companies I worked for gradually implement with the new versions of Java, I studied them with my own pet projects, so I’ll be prepared for inevitable adaptation of new versions.

What I most admire about Java since the day one is, its structuredness, readability and how Java able to demonstrate OOP concepts almost so precisely that you can learn object orientation by learning it. Apparently,  that was the case encouraged me to learn other programing language so easily as well.

I knew that Java community with elite developers extensively work on the platform in order to keep Java where it is now, and that motivates me to give a fraction of contribution to develop Java even further, and that’s why I filled in an OCA to join.

This is my first open-source contribution and I believe you guys go easy on me ��. Really looking forward to work with soon.


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