JBS is very slow

Michael Paus mp at jugs.org
Thu Nov 11 09:05:49 UTC 2021

it is very slow for me too. Especially the initial connect. Once 
connected and logged in I can work with it but it is still very slow 
compared to other servers.
Michael (also from Germany)

Am 11.11.21 um 06:57 schrieb Thomas Stüfe:
> Hi all,
> not sure if that is the right place to ask.
> Does anyone know why https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/ is so slow to access,
> and at least from here in Germany? Is it bad for others too?
> Opening any issue takes between 10 and 30 seconds. It has been like this
> for a while now. It's gotten so bad that I routinely copy the full JBS
> issue text into the description of new PRs just to save reviewers the
> hassle of opening the issue. GitHub is very quick to load, no problems
> there.
> (I do have broadband, no problem with other pages).
> Thanks, Thomas

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