Resigning as ZGC Project Lead

Per Liden per.liden at
Thu Apr 28 15:14:28 UTC 2022

I hereby resign as ZGC Project Lead.

It has been a super exciting time for me to drive this project from a 
proof-of-concept to a state-of-the-art GC that today powers mission 
critical workloads around the world. However, I will be taking a step 
back from ZGC development to do other things, and so it feels natural to 
hand over the project lead role to someone else.

According to the OpenJDK Bylaws [1], a new Project Lead may be nominated 
by the Group Leads of a Project’s Sponsoring Groups. Such a nomination 
must be approved by a Three-Vote Consensus of these Group Leads. In this 
case, that means Vladimir Kozlov from the HotSpot Group appoints a new 
Project Lead. I would personally recommend Stefan Karlsson as new 
Project Lead. Stefan has played an invaluable role in this project since 
its inception and is a natural successor.

/Per Liden


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