Published details of several Leyden Experiments

Andrew Dinn adinn at
Tue Jan 18 13:47:07 UTC 2022

Apologies if posting this to discuss list is inappropriate but in the 
absence of a Leyden project mailinglist I could not come up with any 
better place to post.

I recently gave a talk about static Java at the Joker 2021 conference 
which is now available online [1]. The talk described 3 experiments Red 
Hat had undertaken to look into implementing a static Java image 
generator using Hotspot components.

Write ups of two of those experiments are available in my space on as pdfs[2]. These documents each include a link to 
branches in Roland Westrelin's git repo clone of the OpenJDK git repo 
which contain the code modifications made for that experiment. The 
branches also include instructions on how to build and run it. Anyone 
who is interested is invited to watch the video read the docs, 
experiment and provide feedback.



Andrew Dinn

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