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mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Thu May 12 15:18:10 UTC 2022

Since the dawn of time [1] the OpenJDK Community’s web, e-mail, wiki,
issue tracking, and (Mercurial) source-code infrastructure has been
hosted under the third-level domain name “”.

That name has served us well for fifteen years, but it has also been a
constant source of confusion.  The second-level domain name “”
originally pointed to an unrelated source-code forge site [2], which was
perplexing.  That forge was shut down in 2017, so now the “” name
is perplexing in a different way.

Above and beyond that, however, since the OpenJDK Community was founded
many other open-source communities have placed their infrastructure under
the “.org” top-level domain name.  This makes for easy discoverability.
It also serves as both a reminder and a promise that the operation of the
community is not meant to be dominated by any single corporate entity.

I therefore propose that we rename to and
make corresponding changes to the names of all active subdomains (i.e.,
bugs, cr, db, git, hg, mail, and wiki).

If we proceed with this then Oracle’s infrastructure team will ensure
that the old names act as aliases for the new names, so as not to break
existing URLs or e-mail addresses.


- Mark


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