Task for an aspiring JDK contributor

Andreas Røsdal andreas.rosdal at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 16:03:58 UTC 2022


I am an aspiring JDK contributor, having used Java in my work as a

I was recently surprised by an Exception thrown when using the
java.util.Arrays.asList() method
so I would like to propose some improvements to this API. In particular:
- When using java.util.Arrays.asList() then AbstractList is throwing
which is not user-friendly or intuitive.
-  java.util.Arrays.asList() returning a private class called ArrayList,
which is not the usual java.util.ArrayList, so it's not user-friendly or

Since this would be my first contribution to the JDK, and the goal is to
complete the contribution with accepted pull request and get the Arrays API
improved, what would the first step to making this first improvement to the
JDK be?

I would also like to share a link to an open source project I've been
working on:

Thank you!

Andreas R.
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