IcedTea 1.1 Release

Lillian Angel langel at
Fri Jul 13 13:13:04 PDT 2007

We are proud to announce the release of IcedTea 1.1. This release 
represents the stabilization of Crypto and SSL support.

The IcedTea project provides a harness to build the source code from 
OpenJDK ( using Free Software build tools and 
provides replacements libraries for the binary plugs with code from the 
GNU Classpath project. More information on IcedTea can be found here:

What's new?
- GNU Crypto security providers have been merged from GNU Classpath.
- SSL support by means of the IcedTls security provider.
- DebugInfo is always generated.
- Initial graphics work: Color management and raster fixes for 
compatibility with LittleCMS, and work to satisfy libt2k requirements 
with Freetype.
- Uses OpenJDK build 15.
- Various bug fixes:

The tarball and nosrc RPM can be downloaded here:

The following people helped with this release:
Gary Benson, Thomas Fitzsimmons, Kyle Galloway, Andrew Haley, Francis 
Kung, Casey Marshall, Mark Wielaard and Lillian Angel.

We would also like to thank the bug reporters and testers!


To get started on a Fedora 7 GNU/Linux system with yum:
$ sudo yum install /usr/bin/ecj mercurial cups-devel lesstif-devel 
libXp-devel xalan-j2 xerces-j2 libXt-devel libgcj

$ hg clone
$ cd icedtea

Full build instructions are in INSTALL, but this works:
$ ./configure
$ make

When this completes you'll have a usable IcedTea in 
openjdk/control/build/linux-i586 or openjdk/control/build/linux-amd64.

Alternatively, you can bootstrap by building IcedTea twice, once with 
ecj/gcj and then with IcedTea:
$ make bootstrap

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