Experimental Build Repository at icedtea.classpath.org

Thomas Fitzsimmons fitzsim at redhat.com
Fri Jun 8 08:51:42 PDT 2007


Tom Marble wrote:

> I'd like to thank you Andrew as well as Tom Fitzsimmons and the rest of the
> Classpath & Friends crew who pulled IcedTea together.  (Would someone
> please roll the credits???)

Unfortunately parts of the release process involved blanking the ChangeLog and 
creating a new Mercurial repository, so the change history is not evident in the 
public release.  Here's a summary of who did what.

Those who contributed code to the initial release are listed in the README in 

Lillian Angel
Tania Bento
Thomas Fitzsimmons
Kyle Galloway
Francis Kung

Francis and Kyle created the initial "icedtea-plug-replacements" project, doing 
the autotooling work and integrating the code from GNU Classpath and generated 
from the OpenJDK sources.

Lillian and Tania wrote stubs for the sound, snmp, javascript and sun.dc 
packages.  Lillian created icedtea-ecj-bootstrap.patch which allowed us to 
create the initial IcedTea build.

I worked on Makefile.am and icedtea-ecj-bootstrap.patch to allow IcedTea to 
bootstrap itself.  I also did code review and helped with the administrative 
setup of icedtea.classpath.org.

We all had a hand in writing the release documentation in README, INSTALL and 

Other people helped with other aspects of the release:

Andrew Haley did code review, build testing and wrote the release announcement.

Jim Pick generously provided the Xen instance and bandwidth for 

Mark Wielaard did build testing and most of the administrative setup of 


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