"Java Web Start" for IcedTea

Tom Marble Tom.Marble at Sun.COM
Fri Oct 12 12:42:37 PDT 2007

Rick Niles wrote:
> Questions remain though:
> (1) Did Sun GPL the JWS?
No (but I hope we do soon).

> (2) If so, can it be added to (or is it already a part of) IcedTea?
Note that IcedTea has gcjwebplugin.  I am now aware of any
Free replacement for javaws.

> (3) If not, can NetX be added to Fedora?
> (4) Can the next version Fedora have JNLP links "Just Work"?  Shouldn't
> this be a high(-ish) priority?
It would be nice, yes.  The basic challenge is that Sun
hasn't released that code and F8 is already firming up.

Note that Sun's javaws is available for Linux under
non-free licenses (BCL or DLJ).



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