OpenJDK b33 and IcedTea

Mark Wielaard mark at
Thu Aug 28 02:27:46 PDT 2008

Hi Jonathan (and hi CC compiler-dev, which I hope is the right
mailinglist for these javah/jni questions),

Maybe you saw these questions/discussion already around the openjdk
javah JNI headers generated for static final constant fields. Which
fields are eligible and which encoding is used in the generation. I was
hoping you might know the answers since you recently worked on the
openjdk javah implementation. It seems that either the openjdk javah
version doesn't strictly follow the jni specification, or the jni
specification/book (I never know which one is authoritative) isn't
completely clear on the exact rules here since other javah
implementations seem to differ on the details of which fields and how
things get encoded. If someone could enlighten us that would be

Original context here for:
- selection of fields to encode unclear
- encoding rules unclear



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