HotSpot just got Hotter - IcedTea6 support for latest HotSpot

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Tue Dec 2 09:53:36 PST 2008

2008/12/2 Erik Trimble <Erik.Trimble at>:
> Just a note here:
> The plan was to push a "newer" version of Hotspot Express to the 6Open JDK
> (which we just did), and then update to the OpenJDK 7 Hotspot shortly after
> the new year.
> I would definitely agree that having to maintain only the JDK7 Hotspot for
> both 6Open and OpenJDK is by far the preferred method of operation.
> Keeping track of release trains is a royal PITA (believe me, I have to
> currently keep track of 7 different versions right now), and there is
> substantial agreement that Hotspot 14 (the version currently in JDK7) is
> what we should standardized on for the 6Open & 7 releases, and all work
> should go to the Hotspot OpenJDK repositories for both 6Open and 7.   We
> were just waiting a bit for some HS14 issues to get stabilized and make sure
> all the 6Open fixes/compatibility was worked out in HS14 before pushing it
> to the official 6Open repos.
> I can't commit to a date when HS14 will be pushed out as the 6Open Hotspot,
> but I'd like to think it will be shortly after New Years.  If everyone else
> is comfortable with HS14 on 6Open, then it may happen sooner. But I can't
> say for sure.
> Naturally, people are welcome to put HS14 into any IceTea6 distro whenever
> they feel it works well.  I'm just talking about the 6Open repos hosted by
> Sun.
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That's good to know; we just did what you were planning to do anyway
but quicker :D

Andrew :-)

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