HotSpot just got Hotter - IcedTea6 support for latest HotSpot

Erik Trimble Erik.Trimble at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 2 09:50:14 PST 2008

Just a note here:

The plan was to push a "newer" version of Hotspot Express to the 6Open 
JDK (which we just did), and then update to the OpenJDK 7 Hotspot 
shortly after the new year.

I would definitely agree that having to maintain only the JDK7 Hotspot 
for both 6Open and OpenJDK is by far the preferred method of operation.

Keeping track of release trains is a royal PITA (believe me, I have to 
currently keep track of 7 different versions right now), and there is 
substantial agreement that Hotspot 14 (the version currently in JDK7) is 
what we should standardized on for the 6Open & 7 releases, and all work 
should go to the Hotspot OpenJDK repositories for both 6Open and 7.   We 
were just waiting a bit for some HS14 issues to get stabilized and make 
sure all the 6Open fixes/compatibility was worked out in HS14 before 
pushing it to the official 6Open repos.

I can't commit to a date when HS14 will be pushed out as the 6Open 
Hotspot, but I'd like to think it will be shortly after New Years.  If 
everyone else is comfortable with HS14 on 6Open, then it may happen 
sooner. But I can't say for sure.

Naturally, people are welcome to put HS14 into any IceTea6 distro 
whenever they feel it works well.  I'm just talking about the 6Open 
repos hosted by Sun.

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