OpenJDK 6 build 14 source posted

Mark Wielaard mark at
Wed Dec 3 13:49:21 PST 2008

On Wed, 2008-12-03 at 11:38 -0800, Joe Darcy wrote:
> The source bundle for OpenJDK 6 build 14 is available for download from:

Thanks. imported into mercurial for those that want easy diffs:

Matthias is importing it into icedtea6 now.

> Fixes of note include: 
> * All relevant security fixes in the current round of security updates:
> [1]

Thanks, you have the test fixes we needed for
Do you know the status of the two extra tests ( and that came in with Lillian's security fix import?

> * Upgrading the HotSpot in OpenJDK 6 from HotSpot 10 to HotSpot 11 [2]

We are discussing whether or not to update to this for icedtea6 or skip
it completely and go with HotSpot 14 (which is already the default now).
I see the hotspot tests for 10 were removed and some new ones added. The
newer hotspot in jdk7 has even other tests. In icedtea we have combined
them all to have a bigger set of tests (there are 20 now). It might be
an idea to do the same (and push the hs 10 and hs 11 tests towards
hotspot in jdk7).

> This will be the last teamware based source drop; all future source
> drops will be based on the forthcoming public OpenJDK 6 Mercurial
> repositories.

Thanks, looking forward to it.



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