Compiling as PIC

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at
Sun Dec 21 12:18:55 PST 2008


> I just finished running the tests with SELinux disabled. The performance
> difference between a PIC jvm and a non-PIC jvm was about 0.9%, with the PIC
> jvm being actually faster. So any performance loss is negligible.
Was this on x86 or x86_64? PIC still has non-negligible overhead on x86.

As far as I know only the Garbage-Collectors are build as non-pic,
everything else (where runtime performance doesn't matter that much)
is built PIC.  Bug 6454213 talks about this.

Which type of improvements have been made to GCC-4.3 that do change
pic-code runtime performance that significantly?
I thought the overhead introduced by PIC code for 32-bit x86 code is
more or less caused by the lack of pc-relative adressing, which was
fixed for 64-bit, so the results 6454213 talks about are quite what I
would expect.

- Clemens

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