Shared Libraries - Missing Source .o files

Lillian Angel langel at
Tue Feb 12 07:22:41 PST 2008


Thomas Fitzsimmons wrote:
> Michael Franz wrote:
>> My build keeps failing on the following section of the build.
>>         mkdir -p bootstrap/jdk1.7.0/jre/lib/$(INSTALL_ARCH_DIR)
>>         for shared_object in $(SHARED_OBJECT_FILES) ; \
>>         do \
>>           echo | $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -fpic -shared \
>>             -o $$shared_object \
>>             -Wl,-soname,$$shared_object -xc - ; \
>>         done
>> It fails (beside the fact that the command does not work on OS X). 
>>  Where are the files that are being used to create the shared 
>> libraries coming from?  What part of the build process is not working?
> This rule builds empty stub shared object files that the OpenJDK build 
> used to expect in the bootstrap JDK.  A quick grep through openjdk tells 
> me that these are no longer needed so we should be able to just remove 
> SHARED_OBJECT_FILES and related targets.  Lillian can you check this on 
> Fedora?

No, we still need them:

BinaryPlugs import started: Tue Feb 12 10:21:00 EST 2008
make[4]: *** No rule to make target 
needed by 
make[4]: Leaving directory 


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