./configure --enable-zero

Gary Benson gbenson at redhat.com
Mon Feb 18 05:08:42 PST 2008

Hi Mark,

Mark Wielaard wrote:
> I tried to make a configure check for libffi so that it sets
> LIBFFI_LIBS and LIBFFI_CFLAGS correctly which is a bit of a puzzle
> since the debian libffi package installs things just in
> /usr/include, but with the new proposed fedora libffi package [*]
> you have to use pkgconfig (the debian package doesn't support
> pkgconfig atm). Attached is a patch to do that. But now I need to
> figure out how to pass these flags down to the openjdk build
> infrastructure. Anyone know how to do that cleanly?

I just committed a patch to icedtea6 that does the pkgconfig stuff
and passes the variables down, but I'm not feeling gung ho enough
to do the Debian stuff too.  Would you be able to merge in your


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