[IcedTea] Where to put the new default NetX jar?

Joshua Sumali jsumali at redhat.com
Thu Feb 28 12:15:25 PST 2008

Thomas Fitzsimmons wrote:
> Joshua Sumali wrote:
>> Joshua Sumali wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I've recently refactored the NetX package names to follow proper 
>>> conventions. As a result, the old default NetX application breaks 
>>> since it relies on the old package naming. As a result, I've made a 
>>> new default application jar similar to the old one, but I'm unsure 
>>> of where to put it. Note that the old one is hosted on the original 
>>> author's SourceForge page, which we don't have access to. We can 
>>> either:
>>> 1. Host it somewhere online (e.g. icedtea.classpath.org)
>>> 2. Include the jar with the built JRE, since NetX will be part of 
>>> the JRE soon (as opposed to the SDK). If we do this, which directory 
>>> in the JRE would be appropriate?
>>> 3. Something better?
>>> Comments appreciated.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Josh
>> I just realized that we might have a problem with #2.
>> While we can run jars from disk (as opposed to hosting it online), I 
>> think it would be difficult to do #2 since I'm unsure what kind of 
>> hard-coded path we'd use.
>> In a JNLP file we have:
>> <jnlp spec="1.0" href="netx0.5.jnlp" 
>> codebase="http://jnlp.sourceforge.net/netx/about/">
>> [snip]
>>  <resources>
>>    <j2se version="1.3+"/>
>>    <jar href="about0.5.jar"/>
>>  </resources>
>> If we were to go ahead with #2, it would have to be something like
>> <jnlp spec="1.0" href="default.jnlp" codebase="${java.home}/jre/lib">
>> which I think is impossible.
>> I believe we'll definitely have to go with option #1
> Doesn't jnlp support specifying codebase relatively, like applet tags 
> do?  I think this application should go in the sample or demo directory.
This *might* work. The only thing is that the demo and sample 
directories only exist in j2sdk-image, and not j2re-image. As lillian 
suggested, perhaps placing it in jre/lib would be good.
>  Also, running NetX with no arguments should probably just print a 
> usage message like other tools, rather than loading a sample application.
> Tom
Yes, I'll implement this shortly.


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