Add option --with-additional-vms, build once, get them all

Matthias Klose doko at
Thu Apr 30 06:46:28 PDT 2009

The attached patch adds a configure option --with-additional-vms, which allows
passing of --with-additional-vms=cacao,shark to build two additional vm's on an
architecture where hotspot is the default. Allowed values are cacao, shark and
zero. Shark is not a separate build, but the zero build configured for shark.

The VM's can then be used with `java -cacao', or `java -zero'.

- cacao is just built in a separate build directory, without touching the
  main build.

- zero/shark is built by calling the icedtea configure again, and then just
  building the hotspot configured for zero.

The patch doesn't touch the regular build, so it should be safe to apply, but I
would be happy if somebody could test it.


PS: Requires cacao-0.99.4, will update this in a separate patch.

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