ARM Interpreter

Edward Nevill enevill at
Tue Aug 11 05:37:44 PDT 2009

>I think the problem is that you do not have commit access and Xerxes is
>not around.  Is this checkin going to happen this week?  If not, we should
>branch for a release now and save the ARM update for the next release.

I agree. This will give me some time to ensure it is working with Shark.

Incidentally, further to our discussion, the way it will work at the moment
if the diffs are checked in without any changes is that the optimised
assembler version will become the default build for ARM.

The relevant part is the diff to zero.make where it does

ifeq ($(ZERO_LIBARCH),arm)
Obj_Files += cppInterpreter_arm.o

If you build Shark, it will include the optimised assembler, but it will
fall back to the CPP interpreter at runtime.

I have put the sources at, however, the source
release there is a complete debian package.

I will make the diffs to b16 available on the website and post when they are

>I think you should have commit access and not depend on others to commit
>your work.

OK. Can you arrange commit access for me please.


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