ARM interpreter

Edward Nevill Edward.Nevill at
Thu Aug 13 03:49:52 PDT 2009

OK. I will make an initial checkin, based on the diffs I posted on
(I will post the patch here before making the actual checkin).

I will make the changes raised by Gary, re comments and ifdefs

I will leave the hardcoded constants.

Gary: If it is OK I will leave the defined(PRODUCT) for the moment,
until the offsets are generated properly. Then the defined(PRODUCT) can
be removed.

I expect to have the patches ready to submit Tues/Weds next week.

Please be patient if this takes slightly longer than you would like. It
is the first time I have submitted patches to IcedTea and I want to make
sure I get it right. Until yesterday I had never build IcedTea on its
own (I had only built it as part of the OpenJDK Debian package), so
there is some learning curve.


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