[Bug 179] javascript script support through rhino should not be on bootclasspath

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------- Comment #4 from kohsuke.kawaguchi at sun.com  2009-12-09 02:49 -------
The change proposed in #3 isn't happening in Rhino after one year. And while
it's a sensible change on its own from Rhino side, it's not a good fix for this
bug, since it has a compatibility problem, in that applications that are using
older Rhino.jar will break if IcedTea once removes its copy of rhino.jar (in
favor of RhinoScriptEngine in rhino.jar in the user space.)

So I recommend the package renaming. While it's not a very smart solution, it
results in the best overall user experience. I've been involved in XML
technologies that are integrated into JDK, so I hope it helps add some
credibility to what I'm saying.

As I explained in the bug http://bugs.sun.com/view_bug.do?bug_id=6876736 , this
issue is biting a number of projects, including my Hudson, and unfortunately I
have to recommend people to switch to Sun JDK.

A timely resolution of this issue is much appreciated.

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