Recent IcedTea6 push

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Thu Dec 10 07:05:30 PST 2009

I've just pushed a changeset which reorganises the IcedTea6 to match the cleaner structure used by IcedTea7.  There
shouldn't be any actual changes -- just some reorganisation and the
addition of FIXMEs for later changes to be ported over from IcedTea7.
If there is, feel free to fix it :)

I rebased the so as to more easily port across a number of
IcedTea7 changes needed by b18, changes for which are being pushed to
the icedtea6-hg repository
(  I wanted to
get this in sooner rather than later so that any interim
changes (like Gary's recent ones) don't have to be redone against the
new version.

The new version should hopefully be clearer, but feedback is welcomed.
Andrew :-)

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