New IcedTea6 major release (1.7)

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Thu Dec 10 09:29:31 PST 2009

I notice we haven't had a major IcedTea6 release since 1.6 in
September.  I think it's time to at least consider when we want to do

HEAD is currently on b17, whereas the previous releases are on b16.
The main feature in b17 was the switch to HotSpot 14 but this was
already supported by IcedTea6 anyway since 1.4.

My personal preference would be to wait at least until b18, which will
include the Nimbus backport.  Nimbus is one of the major areas (if not
only) where OpenJDK still lags the proprietary Sun JDK.  The release
is fairly imminent; we've been discussing it at some length on
 However, I understand that others may want to delay this until 1.8 if
a 1.7 is desired sooner, prior to extensive testing of b18.

What other features would people like to see in a release?  What
things are we waiting on?  The new plugin springs to mind.
Andrew :-)

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