IcedTea 7 Patches for with-project=bsd - A Plan

Michael Franz mvfranz at
Tue Feb 3 18:27:54 PST 2009


Taking a different approach to getting IcedTea 7 to compile on OS X, I am
trying to get the bsd repo to compile on Linux (Fedora 10).  In
investigating the patching problems closer, I wonder if this seems like a
sound plan.

1. Identify the patches that break
2. move failing patches out of the main patch file into a project specific
patch file
3. create equivalent patches for bsd
4. change the patch process to use base patches and then the project
specific patches

An example of this is icedtea-libraries.patch.
There are 8 patches within this file that fail on the bsd repo.  I would
move these patches into icedtea-libraries-linux.patch (should this be jdk7?)
and create bsd specific patches that are then put into

The patch process can then apply the patches in icedtea-libraries.patch and
then icedtea-libraries-<project>.patch.

On a similar note, I have found that icedtea-libraries.patch and
icedtea-linker-options.patch are patching the same line in

-     LDFLAGS += -z origin
+     LDFLAGS += -lz -z origin


-     LDFLAGS += -lz -z origin
+     LDFLAGS += -lz -Wl, -z -Wl,origin

Is there a benefit to patching the same line twice (keeping logical changes

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