BSD Port and Linux Differences

Michael Franz mvfranz at
Mon Feb 9 16:56:55 PST 2009


I am still working through the issues to get the bsd-port repo to compile on
Linux and have run into these issues.

BSD is using statfs instead of statvfs.  Both are available on Linux and OS
X.  The difference is how they are included.  Linux uses either sys/statfs.h
or sys/statfs.h while OS X (and I assume other BSDs) are use
sys/param.h,sys/mount.h or sys/statvfs.h.  See
jdk/src/solaris/native/java/io/UnixFileSystem_md.c for more details.

Is it better to use one over the other?  Do we really want to use statfs on
bsd and statvfs on linux?

I have run into a similar issue with strncpy vs strlcpy.  The bsd port is
using strlcpy, as far as I can tell, strlcpy does not exist on linux.  Both
have strncpy, should this be used instead?

This issue exists in jdk/src/solaris/native/java/util/TimeZone_md.c

A previous difference that I have found was in the use of machine/endian.h
in the BSD port.


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