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Oliver May oliver.may at
Fri Feb 13 01:26:35 PST 2009

Hi Deepak!

 >> What website do you see this error on?
 >> As for PluginDebug.debug() ... its messages go to STDERR. However,
 >> debug() prints only if you have set ICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG=true, and in
 >> that case, all OUT/ERR is redirected to /tmp/java.stdout and
 >> /tmp/java.stderr
 >> Cheers,
 >> Deepak
 > Whoops.. should have checked the ML first.
 > Okay, can you start the browser with the env variable
 > ICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG=true , and then send the resulting log
 > and /tmp/java.std* files?
 > Deepak

I did some more testing, and put the applet I am using online with some 
simple javascript <> java interaction, including the source files.

The applet expects a gpsd running on localhost, but it wont crash 
without it. You may forward local port 2947 to 
for some real data (real, but static, is not moving :)).

Using this site I just did a test with debugging output:

debian-gta02:/tmp# ICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG=true
debian-gta02:/tmp# export ICEDTEAPLUGIN_DEBUG
debian-gta02:/tmp# (iceweasel > /tmp/iceweasel.out) >& /tmp/iceweasel.err

so i have also gathered the iceweasel process out and err streams.

What I did is:
+Started iceweasel and opened
+Waited until the applet was completely loaded (cpu idle)
+Clicked on "Start gps" and waited like 10 minutes until cpu idle
+Clicked on "Get gps data", this returned null in the textbox after half 
a second.
+Clicked on "Stop gps"
+Clicked on "Get gps data" again, wich actet the same way as before
+Closed iceweasel

Btw, there seem to be some real performance issues too, the first call 
from javascript to java takes ages, esp. with debugging turned on. But 
that could even well be the rather slow cpu (200 bogoMIPS, 400MHz arm).


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