RFC: Disable NIO2 by default

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu
Fri Feb 20 07:22:07 PST 2009

Dalibor Topic wrote:
>> Dalibor, 9708fffb863d is only a valid revision id for icedtea6.
> I think that's a short changeset ID in Mercurial terminology. ;)

Fair enough.

> I'm not sure how one gets from short changeset ID to discovering which
> repository
> it is valid in though - the id seems to short to, say, encode the URL of
> the repository.

There's no way to get a URL or any other information directly from the
ID.  If there was that would be a security vulnerability. :)

> Is there a general way to do that, other the manually checking each
> repository one
> suspects a changeset may be valid for?

No.  However, in this case there aren't that many choices...

Matt Flaschen

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