OpenJDK/IcedTea naming patch

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2009/2/23 Mark Reinhold <mr at>:
>> Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 18:08:06 +0000
>> From: Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at>
>> ...
>> That's my reading of it too.  It's also why the Gentoo packaging uses
>> IcedTea6.  Being source-based, it is unclear whether the resulting
>> binary will meet the terms of the trademark license.
> Good point.  IANAL (still) but since the notice doesn't make a
> distinction between source and binary forms I suspect that it'd be
> fine for Gentoo to use the mark in the same ways that other distros
> do.  I'll ask an actual lawyer though.

Thanks.  It would be nice to have a clear answer on this.

>> Of course, if we're talking accreditation again, it's not very fair
>> not to use it on a CACAO build given most of the code is still the
>> class libraries from OpenJDK (and anyone who's worked on GNU Classpath
>> will know that these are much harder to replace).
> Agree on the fairness angle, but I know a few HotSpot engineers who'd
> argue with your parenthetical point.

Well I wasn't suggesting a VM as capable as HotSpot :)
I was just pointing out that there were lots of Free VMs with varying
goals and levels of completeness before HotSpot was made available
under the GPL.  All of these were sufficient to run Java programs,
even if not being on quite the same performance or feature level as
HotSpot.  But there was no complete class library implementation, and
the one in OpenJDK remains the only one now (mainly by virtue of being
the reference implementation; it can set the bar rather than chasing

>> ...
>> I like this change, it seems to reach a happy medium.  I notice you
>> also change the version template.  What is the value of the
>> java.version property as a result?  The same as those listed above?
> The value of java.version doesn't change; it's still set from
> FULL_VERSION, as before, and the value of that make variable has
> not changed.

Ok, then what does the version template change mean? :)

> - Mark

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