Mauve/JTreg testing

Mark Wielaard mark at
Fri Feb 27 02:10:55 PST 2009


On Thu, 2009-02-26 at 14:32 -0500, Lillian Angel wrote:
> Omair has been working on getting our internal nightly tester to display 
> graphs in Hudson for Mauve and JTreg. The plan is to write some sort of 
> script that will email out the regressions for these testsuites nightly, 
> as well as post the results nightly somewhere public (perhaps using 
> Hudson).
> Any thoughts on a good place to email and post these results? Also, is 
> there anything else people would like to see?

Nice! It would be good to have regular postings of different
people/setups to get a feel for the current results and hopefully be
able to compare them a bit to see if a difference in compiler/package
version used to build has any impact on them. So, if the script could be
made so that it could just be checked into the repository that would be
great (although I suspect there will always be some tweaking needed for
different setups).

It might clutter up the list a bit if the test result mails go to the
default discussion list. So I setup a separate one that can be used for
that testresults at



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