[Bug 360] IDE crashes and can't continue

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------- Comment #4 from jon.vanalten at redhat.com  2009-07-06 13:40 -------
Indeed, when the IcedTea java virtual machine crashes the error report refers
you to this bugzilla.  Natural reaction for you to follow such instructions.

I believe whether this is a bug in NetBeans or a bug in IcedTea depends mainly
depends on whether the same behaviour occurs under Sun's proprietary JRE.  If
the same crash happens in JRE, then bug is likely with NetBeans (and so should
be reported with them).  If, however, you can take the same action under Sun's
JRE without a crash, this is a bug restricted to openJKD/IcedTea.  Note that
IcedTea can be built for windows as well, so knowing that the crash was
initially observed on a windows box does not answer the critical question.  On
either windows or linux you can type 'java -version' at command prompt to find
out what flavour of java you are using.

Can you check if this crash also happens under Sun's JRE, and/or provide source
and specific instructions to reproduce crash so that we can test?

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