first iceadtea cross-compile patch: disable sanity checks

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Tue Mar 31 13:27:20 PDT 2009

2009/3/31 Robert Schuster <theBohemian at>:
> Hi Andrew,
> Andrew John Hughes schrieb:
>> Can we actually have --disable-sanity-checks rather than
>> --enable-experimental-openjdk-cross-compilation
>> too? :)
>> AC_MSG_CHECKING(whether to disable sanity checks)
>> AC_ARG_ENABLE([sanity-checks],
>>             [AS_HELP_STRING([--disable-sanity-checks],
>>                             [Disable sanity checks run by the OpenJDK build which
>> require host==build])],
>>             [disable_sanity_checks="${enableval}"],
>> [disable_sanity_checks="${cross_compiling}"])
>> AC_MSG_RESULT(${disable_sanity_checks})
> at this time --enable-experimental-openjdk-cross-compilation only
> disables the checks incompatible with
> host!=build. Later patches will built on this and use the Makefile
> that I introduced as well.
> So my question is. Do you want a separate configure option, that can
> only disable the above mentioned sanity checks and is otherwise
> independent from the CROSS_COMPILATION stuff that is coming?

I guess that's what I was aiming at, with all the options necessary
for cross compilation defaulting to on when cross_compiling is set.

> Additionally Matthews was not happy with the former name since it is
> actually not disabling all sanity checks (which the name may imply) but
> only some of them.

My main issue with the current name is the length; my poor fingers!
Maybe there is a happy medium; e.g. --disable-host-specific-checks?

> Regards
> Robert

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