Patch to remove GCJ Web Plugin support

Deepak Bhole dbhole at
Tue May 5 14:32:56 PDT 2009

* Lillian Angel <langel at> [2009-05-05 17:24]:
> Deepak Bhole wrote:
>> Per the goals for 1.5, here is a patch that removes gcj web plugin
>> support.
>> ChangeLog:
>> 2009-05-05  Deepak Bhole <dbhole at>
>>     * Remove GCJ Web Plugin support.
>>     * Ditto.
> I looked through the patch and it is fine to commit. As long as it  
> doesn't break the build, go ahead and commit.

Thanks! I tested it by trying build with and without plugin, and both
had expected results. Patch committed.


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