RFC: add --enable-experimental-openjdk-cross-compilation option

Robert Schuster thebohemian at gmx.net
Fri May 8 06:08:44 PDT 2009

here is an updated version of the patch that adds the
--enable-experimental-openjdk-cross-compilation option. The name is
chosen deliberately because this feature is not complete yet and needs
more patches. Furthermore allowing cross-compilation will consist of
more than just disabling the sanity checks.

2009-05-08  Robert Schuster  <robertschuster at fsfe.org>

    * Makefile.am: Introduce CROSS_COMPILATION variable to icedtea-ecj
    and icedtea build.
    * configure.ac: New --enable-experimental-openjdk-cross-compilation
    * patches/icedtea-disable-cc-incompatible-sanity-checks.patch: New patch
    file (SCA is in place for Robert Schuster).

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