[PATCH] Always apply Zero and Shark patches

Matthias Klose doko at ubuntu.com
Fri May 8 08:36:49 PDT 2009

Andrew John Hughes schrieb:
> 2009/5/8 Gary Benson <gbenson at redhat.com>:
>> Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>>> 2009/5/8 Gary Benson <gbenson at redhat.com>:
>>>> Gary Benson wrote:
>>>>> This patch makes the Zero and Shark patches be applied to
>>>>> all builds, not just Zero and Shark ones.  Ok to commit?
>>>> *This* patch.  The one thing I don't like about mutt is the
>>>> way it makes you forget attachments...
>>> Very cool.  Please commit.
>>> Are all the Zero/Shark patches in this change SCAed?
>> If doko and xranby are both covered then... probably.
>> For the purposes of disambiguation, can you tell me exactly the
>> patches you plan to push, and I'll confirm them individually.
> Oh, the last time we had this discussion I thought you were pretty
> much the sole copyright holder.
> In that case, I'll confirm each patch as I intend to push it.  I think
> doko is still without an SCA, not such with xranby.

No, that's wrong. And I confirm that it is fine to contribute all the patches
(written or extended by me) currently in the IcedTea repository under the SCA.


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