quilt for patch management?

Robert Schuster thebohemian at gmx.net
Wed May 13 08:56:20 PDT 2009

Hi Andrew,

Andrew Haley schrieb:
> OK.  Why is it better to do
> patch -p0 < <patch>
> or
> quilt import -p0 <patch>
You do the import once and after that quilt maintains the list of
applied and not-applied patches. This allows going back and forth
between the various patches conveniently (push/pop).

> I don't get it.  Seriously, I'm baffled: how would it make any difference?
Updating patches could be done in a well described way.

>> Furthermore how do you update a patch at the moment? Manually as well?
>> quilt has a refresh command for this. It basically works like a poor man
>> SCM sandbox.
> Updating patches is probably a bad thing.  It makes more sense to apply
> the patch and your changes to pristine sources and regenerate.
Sure this is what it would be. But how is this done at the moment. What
steps are needed to do that on the command line? As I see this stuff
needs manual work.

But finally the initial mail was more of a: "Hey, I know this little
tool to make work easier. We use it in OE in the same context. Should I
think about implementing it or not?"

As it looks people don't want it. So I let it be.


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