[Bug 339] icedtea7 20090527 fails to run the langtools and jdk testsuite

bugzilla-daemon at icedtea.classpath.org bugzilla-daemon at icedtea.classpath.org
Wed May 27 02:54:28 PDT 2009


------- Comment #3 from mark at klomp.org  2009-05-27 09:54 -------
That is weird, why does make check-hotspot work, but make check-langtools not?
The only obvious difference I see is that langtools uses an execlude file.
Could you remove that line from the Makefile and see if that makes a

That said, this does look like a bug in findMountEntry() in

So what it is trying to do is find out what the temporary directory is as
defined by java.io.tmpdir then it tries to see if it "isPosix()", which calls
findMountEntry() and that falls flat on its face...

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