IcedTea7 1.10 Release Status

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at
Fri May 29 05:47:13 PDT 2009

2009/5/29 Matthias Klose <doko at>:
> Andrew John Hughes schrieb:
>> 2009/5/29 Matthias Klose <doko at>:
>> Can you please add a summary line in your commit messages in future?
>> They all just read 2009-05-29 Matthias Klose <doko at>, which
>> isn't very helpful.  Same goes for most people on this list... :)
> ok, it wasn't required so far. Still used from other projects to include a copy
> of the changelog entry.

It's not required now, and I'm not suggesting not including a ChangeLog entry.
It would just be nice for other users to have a simple summary at the top which
displays when browsing the changesets:

Take a look at and you'll see
what I mean.  Having the first line mean something would just be
helpful.  As I saw, the same is true for changesets from Lillian,
Gary, etc.

>> It'd also be nice if you checked first before making more changes to
>> the tree, especially when we are heading for a release.
> it does fix cacao. the patch is cacao only, it's not new code, it does work in
> IcedTea6, fixes a bug which doesn't allow cacao to run, and was also reported by
> somebody else. I could make the same request not to reorganize things just
> before making a release.

I deliberately haven't reorganised things.  I just made the necessary
changes for the plugin and netx code to build.

I don't see any build breakages here for CACAO, nor do I follow which
change you think broke your build.  Can you point me to a link to a
specific revision?

What I do see is a segfault that suggests to me that a fix from
upstream will be needed before CACAO works with IcedTea7.  Does CACAO
actually run for you?  It did for me with 1.9 and b50, but doesn't any

As I see it, we have two options.   We can go ahead with a release
with CACAO broken and fix this in a minor release.  Or we can hold off
until this is fixed.  If a release doesn't happen, packages for J1 can
still be created by tagging the tree with an appropriate identifier
(e.g. debs-javaone or something)

>  Matthias

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