systemtap java hotspot backtrace support

Mark Wielaard mjw at
Mon Nov 30 11:21:11 PST 2009


Attached is a systemtap helper script to go with the other tapsets
(hotspot.stp and hotspot_jni.stp) in icedtea. (And some build/configury
patches to slot it in the build).

At the moment on x86_64 it is blocked on systemtap bug #11034, but when
that is solved I like to check this in as a first step (it works fine on
i386 with either client or server and a smaller version - with
some of the frames smarts removes works fine on x86_64). You will need
the latest systemtap from git for the moment though, since it relies on
some recent bug/feature fixes on git trunk.

With this you can get java backtraces, with or without full method
signatures and with or without native frames in between, from any
hotspot probe context. You can directly print the stack to the trace
log, or collect it as a space separated string to inspect (and if needed
tweak some parameters to say how many frames you want and whether or not
to include method signatures and/or native frames). There is
documentation in the jstack.stp script about the various jstack()
function variants.

There are a couple of points that can use improvements (suggestions how
to do it very welcome):

- Collecting of frames isn't as useful as it looks since they are
  limited by MAXSTRINGLEN.
- The server (c2) compiler can trash the frame pointer, so we try to
  catch up by inspecting the stack. This mostly works, but can miss a
  frame. It would be nice to be able to retrieve the register map for
  the frame somehow.
- Similar to the above, we collect "native frames", while it would be
  nice to somehow collect the "virtual frames" (so inlined code expands
  to the corresponding java frames again).
- We are using the server dwarf info to extract all structure
  info, this is actually wrong, we should use the client when
  the client is probed (but the key structures are the same).
- The @casts in the actual jstack_call() function look somewhat ugly
  because they need to explicitly reference the absolute path.
- Related to the above, $vars cannot be used in stap functions (unlike
  @cast), which means we need to extract some info in a global probe
  (hotspot.vm_init_ended). Some way to associate an helper function with
  the probed module would be really nice.
  This creates two major limitations:
  - When starting to trace after this global probe has triggered
    jstack() just doesn't work.
  - Only one java process at a time can be traced since multiple
    global variables will conflict otherwise (this impacts tracing
    eclipse and netbeans, which start in "stages" running multiple
    java processes).
- For native frames it helps to add -d .../.../ also to see
  the core library jni helper functions. Would be nice to somehow
  include this (and maybe other libraries under jre/lib) automatically.

If anybody uses the jstack script please let me know how it works out.
And if you hit any of the above limitations or have ideas how to resolve
them, please also let me know.


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