[1.7 & 1.8 BRANCH APPROVAL] Font and PaX patches

Dr Andrew John Hughes ahughes at redhat.com
Fri Aug 13 05:35:14 PDT 2010

I'd like to backport the following fixes to 1.7 & 1.8:

changeset:   2076:3fd44a9bb9a3
user:        Andrew John Hughes <ahughes at redhat.com>
date:        Wed Aug 11 21:04:10 2010 +0100
summary:     G244901: Skip test_gamma on hardened (PaX-enabled) kernels

changeset:   2077:be9c0d303dfc
user:        Andrew John Hughes <ahughes at redhat.com>
date:        Wed Aug 11 21:05:04 2010 +0100
summary:     G266295: Provide font configuration for Gentoo.

changeset:   2078:8dbe3de24290
tag:         tip
user:        Andrew John Hughes <ahughes at redhat.com>
date:        Fri Aug 13 00:35:50 2010 +0100
summary:     Add a font configuration for RHEL6.

The backports include the NEWS updates in http://icedtea.classpath.org/hg/icedtea6/rev/fe41bee26224.

Ok to push?
Andrew :)

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