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Andrew John Hughes ahughes at
Fri Jun 11 08:53:42 PDT 2010

On 11 June 2010 15:28, Matthias Klose <doko at> wrote:
> just check it, you have access to a sparc box running sparc-linux and
> sparc64-linux ;-)

Yeah, I know, I plan to do that before the releases ;-)

But I could do with some background info.  on if things are broken,
and if so, when that happened.
Also, making a change for newer kernels may break older systems.

That said, it seems the patches I was looking at were copied from
Fedora a while back, and they haven't actually been using there since
And there have been successful builds since:

>  Matthias
> On 11.06.2010 16:13, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>> Does anyone know if SPARC on GNU/Linux support currently works in
>> IcedTea, or for which releases it did work?
>> We have some local RPM patches for it that change the include directives:
>> -#include<asm-sparc/traps.h>
>> +#include<asm/traps.h>
>> and replacing the current IcedTea fix:
>> -+#if defined(__sparc__)&&  defined(__arch64__)
>> -+# include<asm-sparc/traps.h>
>> -+#else
>> -+# include<asm/traps.h>
>> -+#endif
>> I seem to remember something about sparc and sparc64 support being
>> merged together in the kernel, which is what this would suggest.  I'm
>> trying to work out if it's worth bringing over these patches.
>> Thanks,

Andrew :-)

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