IcedTea6 Now Supports b20

Robert Schuster thebohemian at
Wed Jun 23 00:35:41 PDT 2010


Am 22.06.2010 19:39, schrieb Andrew John Hughes:
> It also includes the Zero cleanup I mentioned last week.
> I now like to start planning for an IcedTea6 1.19 release.
> Does anyone have anything pending they'd still like to commit for 1.19?
Yes, me. There is the --with-cc-for-build patch and I will also send
another one which makes IcedTea6 compatible with the cmake-built llvm
2.7 shared libraries (which is unfortunately different from building it
with the autotools).


> I plan to add:
> 6961732 (Mario's font fix:
> the new Xrender code
> (

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