[Bug 591] Unable to build openjdk/icedtea on Slack 13.1

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Tue Nov 16 04:17:07 PST 2010


------- Comment #13 from mark at klomp.org  2010-11-16 12:17 -------
> ln -sf $BINDIR/gcj $JVM/bin/javac

At least this won't work (didn't look much at the rest). gcj invoked directly
acts as an AOT compiler, not as a byte code compiler.

If you want to use gcj as a traditional JDK environment you should build and
configure it with

--enable-java-home      create a standard JDK-style directory layout in the
                          install tree [default=no]

That should do most of what you do in that script for you. See the
gcc/libjava/Makefile.am under if CREATE_JAVA_HOME

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