[icedtea-web] plan for 1.0 release

Deepak Bhole dbhole at redhat.com
Wed Nov 17 11:54:26 PST 2010


As the deployment properties work is wrapping up, I think it is a good
time to branch and do a 1.0 release. To that end, I was thinking of the

No more feature/re-factor patches will be accepted for 1.0 -- only bug
fixes and minor niceties till branch time.

Once all pending patches are approved, we will create a release branch.
The only additional thing outside of bugfixes that will be allowed in
this branch will be an alpha version of a Control Panel like tool 
that Andrew Su is working on.

Given what is currently pending, I think a branch on the 22nd (Monday)
would work well. We will allow until the 29th for the Control Panel to
be in. If it is not in by then, it will be pushed to 1.1.

Are there any comments/objections to the above?


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