RFC: IcedTea-Web and Iced Tea7

Deepak Bhole dbhole at redhat.com
Thu Nov 25 12:09:36 PST 2010

* Dr Andrew John Hughes <gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org> [2010-11-25 15:00]:
> IcedTea7 currently fails to build IcedTea-Web. It can't link the
> launcher due to many missing JLI_* symbols even though it finds libjli
> AFAICS. I wonder whether they have now been hidden? May be a release
> stopper depending on the schedule as we don't want to be releasing
> IcedTea7 with an unmaintained plugin & webstart.

Agreed. IMO icedtea-web should support IcedTea7 just as well as 6.

How are icedtea7's own launchers linking against libjli and finding JLI_*?

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